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What are Bumpsters cot-bar Bumpers?

They are a revolutionary cot bumper which wrap around the individual bars of the cot and attach securely with Velcro.



Which sizes of Bumpsters are available and will I need for my cot?

Bumpsters come in small (for bars 2cm or narrower and bars wider than 4cm) and large (for bars measuring 2-4cm wide)


For further information on sizing visit About Bumpsters.



How do Bumpsters cot-bar Bumpers differ with traditional cot bumpers and what are their benefits?

-Bumpsters cot-bar bumpers eradicate all the risks documented on traditional cot bumpers.


-Bumpsters attach using Velcro rather than ties. This means they pose no threat of strangulation and can be easily put on/removed and adjusted to fit all cots.


-They wrap individually around one or two bars of the cot allowing air to still circulate whilst still offering vital protection for babies’ heads.


-They are small pads rather than large expanses of fabric therefore reduce the risk of suffocation.


-Unlike traditional Bumpers, Bumpsters do not have a limited usage time because they are only attached to the bars of the cot therefore; do not act as an aid for babies to escape.

  When trodden on, Bumpsters slide down the bars, enabling parents to use them with babies of any age.


-Due to the nature of Bumpsters, whilst we cannot guarantee that babies will not get their limbs trapped in cot bars, they can however help reduce this risk and offer cushioned

  protection should this happen.


-When moving from a cosy crib to a large cot, Bumpsters reduce the drafts felt through the cot, making babies feel more secure.


-Bumpsters do not restrict the views of baby and allow parents to still view their child easily from afar.





How many Bumpsters will I need and how do I arrange them?

This all depends upon the age of your child.


Based upon the advice from health professionals with babies in ‘feet to foot’ position;


-For babies who are not yet able to move or just roll side to side, protection on the bars either side of their head should be suffice.


-As baby becomes more active, additional cot-bar bumpers can be added to bars as/when and wherever needed.


-Both large and small cot-bar bumpers can be stacked on top of each other for full height bar protection if necessary.


-Our advice would be to experiment with different arrangements until you find the best set up for your baby.



How do I attach Bumpsters cot bar bumpers?

Bumpsters are the epitome of simplicity. They are extremely simple to attach. With 3 pairs of Velcro, simply wrap around the correct number of bars and match
corresponding Velcro.



Will my baby be able to remove Bumpsters?

Bumpsters have been designed specifically with 3 pairs of Velcro fastening to ensure an extremely secure fit. We recommend that Bumpsters are attached with the Velcro on the outside of the cot and as tight a fit as possible to ensure even the most curios babies cannot remove them.



What are Bumpsters cot-bar bumpers made from?

100% cotton outer and fire retardant polyester inner.



Can Bumpsters be washed?

Yes- for best results we recommend a gentle 30 degree hand or machine wash, with a cool tumble dry to finish.



What colour Bumpsters are available?

Currently, Bumpsters are available in blue, pink, stone and multi-coloured.







What is Snugabub?

An ingenious fitted top sheet that is tailored to meet the specific size of your baby to ensure there is no danger of excess bedding. Each sheet also has fitted base corners to allow babies to be put in the safe 'feet to foot' position and enable a firm and 'snug' tuck.



Which sizes of Snugabub are available?

Snugabub sheets come in 3 sizes, to grow when your baby does;


X-small- 0-6 months


Small- 6-12 months


Medium- 12-24 months


All sheets are made to fit cot-bed mattresses measuring 70 x 140cm



How do Snugabub fitted top sheets differ with traditional cot sheets and what are their benefits?

- Snugabub sheets have fitted base corners to ensure a safe and secure fit on the cot mattress.


- Each sheet is designed specifically to be the same size as your baby- no more oversized sheets. This enables parents to feel assured that there is no excess bedding.


- With tapered sides, these sheets allow parents to tuck their babies in firmly to to offer a 'snug' environment.


- Snugabub sheets are easy to fit and stay in position sleep after sleep.



How do I fit Snugabub sheets?

They are extremely easy to fit;


-Fit the base corners of the sheet around the bottom of the mattress


-Tuck the tapered side furthest away firmly under the mattress


-Place baby in position; on their backs and with their feet at the base of the cot.


-Tuck the side closest to you tightly and securely under the mattress to make baby snug.


-To remove, simply untuck the side closest to you, leaving the sheet ready and in place for next time.



What are Snugabub sheets made from?

100% pure natural percale cotton



Can Snugabub sheets be washed?

Of course- we recommend a cool wash.



What colours are available?

At present, Snugabub sheets are only available in white.



Are Snugabub blankets available?

We will be expecting stock of Snugabub cellular blankets in time for late summer. Please contact us for more details.



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