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Snugabub fitted top sheets were designed to enable parents to put their babies to bed safely and easily whilst following the feet to foot sleeping position. The sheets are designed specifically for babies and have 4 key aims in mind;


Ensure that baby stays in the safe sleeping position – on their backs at the foot of the cot.


Ensure that bedding stays securely in place to minimise the risk of entanglement.


Ensure bedding is the correct size for babies with no excess material.


Allow babies to sleep sounder for longer, feeling ‘snug’ and secure.





Snugabub fitted top sheets come in 3 different sizes, to accommodate your growing baby;


X-small 0-6 months

Small 6-12 months

Medium 12-24 months

Alison Dique, inventor of Snugabub and Mum of 3, comments:


‘It always struck me as strange that nursery bedding was based largely on adult bedding. Bedding at this precious age needs to be tailored to the very special needs of a new baby.’ For this reason, not only are these ingenious top sheets made of 100% natural percale cotton to allow breathability and a luxurious sleeping environment for your baby, they also have specific design features just for babies. Each top sheet has a fitted end that fits securely over the bottom end of the cot mattress. The rest of the sheet has been designed so that it is baby length rather than cot length. This simple design change reduces the risk of entanglement and suffocation in excess bedding and ensures that babies stay in the safest position, with their feet at the foot of the cot. Another simple design feature on the Snugabub top sheet is its tapered shape, with a slim fitted base broadening out to wide angled sides at the top of the sheet. These wide angled sides allow the top sheet to be firmly tucked in under the cot mattress, helping baby feel snug and secure through the night. Anchoring the sheet securely under baby’s mattress ensures that it stays firm over baby’s chest so if they stir or startle – which they will do many times a night – they won’t wake themselves fully and can easily soothe themselves back to sleep.

Extensive sleep studies with babies using different baby bedding, have shown that babies sleeping under Snugabub sheets slept for between 20 – 40 minutes longer during a day sleep and up to four hours longer at night, as a result of being tucked in so securely. The Snugabub sheets are made with 100% pure percale cotton because the more natural the fabric the greater its breathability. The double pick 250 thread count cotton used has been carefully chosen for its incredible softness – perfect for sensitive new baby skin, and anti pilling properties.

Fitting instructions;


• fit the base corners of the sheet around the bottom of the mattress.

• tuck the tailored side furthest away firmly under the mattress.

• place baby in position; on their backs and with their feet at the base of the cot, ensuring the sheet

  is under arm to shoulder height.

• tuck the side closest to you tightly and securely under the mattress to make baby snug.

• to remove, simply untuck the side closest to you, leaving the sheet ready and in place for next time.

**Coming soon- Snugabub fitted cellular blankets to accompany top sheets**

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